Nationally Recognised Warehouse Training

Paperless Warehousing (PW) and Joss Total Warehouse Solutions (JTWS) Nationally Recognised Trainingform a joint venture to offer warehouse management training to existing users of the Paperless Warehouse Management System (PWMS). The joint venture company will be known as The Warehouse Management Training Institute RTO No. 40768.

Joss Total Warehouse Solutions provides training and assessment services on behalf of The Warehouse Management Training Institute.

The scope of this joint venture is to provide best practice nationally accredited training to all levels of warehouse operators. A need has been identified within the warehousing industry for operators to be qualified prior to being engaged for employment. The main benefit of this will be increased productivity from seasonal, part time and full time staff at less cost.

The joint venture will have several roles:

• Provide training to short term and long term operators on PWMS providing productivity gains to the client to a national accreditation
• Allow users of PWMS to utilise the system to its full potential
• Provide labour support for short term coverage
• Pre train employment agency staff to help gain employment within the warehousing industry
• Provide an audit process for the effective use of PWMS

The joint venture is to provide a best practice workplace training organisation to market in Australia and internationally. As a dedicated training organisation for the niche market of the PWMS the joint venture will provide professional and industry experienced trainers to facilitate the training with the latest technology and materials required. The training will be facilitated at the client’s site.
The current training industry is experiencing an accelerated growth through the demand for skilled labour, due to an aging workforce. Due to the advancement of technology in the workplace there is an increasing demand for employees to be at least competent in the operation of computers and hand held terminals and thus opens a door for the niche market for training of warehouse management systems and operations.

Through a strong and well-formed relationship between PW and JTWS the concept of providing a training team to provide PWMS training has been formed along with a solid partnership in providing the training team.

Joss Total Warehouse Solutions provides Nationally Accredited Warehousing and Logistics Training. Joss Total Warehouse Solutions courses are written specifically to reflect the learner’s workplace, offering a greater learning outcome for your employees. Combine this with a fully operational 3rd Party Warehouse and this gives the learners both the theoretical experience and operational experience to work within the warehousing and logistics industry.

Joss Total Warehouse Solutions are fully qualified and continue to have hands on operational experience via our 3rd Party Warehouse. Our trainers are therefore always exposed to new trends in the warehousing industry.

Joss Total Warehouse Solutions training packages can be delivered at the learner’s workplace or at our training facility, with access to government funded* and apprenticeship courses available (*There is an eligibility criteria that exists. Selected criteria must be met to be eligible for government funding. (The Warehouse Management Training Institute RTO 40768 is the certificate issuing RTO for government funded courses.))

Joss Total Warehouse Solutions provides specialist temperature controlled warehousing and storage solutions, nationally accredited training and Linde Materials Handling solutions, Forklift Hire, New and Used Forklift Sales, Forklift parts and Forklift Servicing. Joss Total Warehouse Solutions has all the warehousing industry solutions under one roof.
Our nationally accredited training programs are tailored to your corporate needs, providing flexibility in training delivery methods (your site or ours, online learning) weekends or nights.
Joss Total Warehouse Solutions successfully deliver nationally endorsed units of competency compliant with the Australian Qualifications Frameworks (AQF).

Joss Total Warehouse Solutions provides quality training solutions for the Warehousing & Distribution Industry.

Nationally Recognised Warehouse Training