H100-180 – Diesel Forklift Trucks Capacity 10000 – 18000 kg (Series 1401-00)

The impressive Linde 10 to 18 tonne heavy truck range now incorporates the world renowned Linde high precision hydrostatic drive train that operates without gearbox, clutch, differential or conventional brakes. The potent combination of Linde hydrostatic transmission and an advanced high torque diesel engine as well as Linde twin drive pedals, provides seamless control of forward reverse travel and load handling cycles to make this the most nimble and responsive heavy truck in its class. The modular design of the main structures results in a more compact truck for excellent manoeuvrability and versatility. With its panoramic mast, and superbly spacious, cushioned cab featuring a wrap-around front screen for outstanding visibility and an intuitive, functional control layout, the operator’s working environment is unsurpassed. Designed for both palletised and palletless heavy load handling including empty container handling, these highly adaptable and rugged trucks offer the ideal solution in a wide range of heavy industrial applications.

Perfect load control and manoeuvrability in close surroundings is assured at all times. Linde achieves this by placing the cabin in a forward, optimised position to allow maximum through-mast visibility to the fork tip & load. The visibility around the machine from the operator position is optimised by the utilisation of generous glass panels to the top, rear & sides. The curved widescreen provides continued uninterrupted visibility around to the side screens.

The finely tuned hydrostatic drive system ensures precision in operation balanced with optimised speed of performance. The stepless drive system ensures that acceleration through to top speed is without mechanical intervention: providing smooth operation. The precision in operation of the hydrostatic system ensures that the operator is able to engage the load with precision, therefore limiting impact shock. The combination of the powerful Cummins engine and the Linde hydrostatic drive system delivers best in class performance and lowest fuel consumption.

The operators cabin is mounted to a tilting frame on high density rubber mounts, this ensures that drive, power train & operational vibrations are suppressed to provide the operator with a comfortable working place. The operator’s seat is provided with hydraulic damping for additional cushioning.

The proven reputation of the hydrostatic drive systems coupled together with the power unit provide peace of mind for the drive system; the mast and lifting device has been thoroughly tested for endurance and security in operation, to ensure a long operational life.

With the utilisation of the world-class hydrostatic drive system, speed and precision in operation is assured, the operational characteristics of the twin pedal drive system, and Linde Load Control hydraulic operators controls, ensure that minimal operator movement is required to operate the machine, thereby saving time and limiting operator fatigue.

Linde Heavy Forklift Trucks