M 25 – Hand Pallet Truck Capacity 2500 kg (Series 032)

Representing exceptional value for a minimal investment, the Linde M 25 hand pallet truck has to be first on the list in the procurement plans of discerning businesses. The rugged and exceptionally low-maintenance Linde M 25 hand pallet truck features a fast-lift facility and a 220 degree steering for excellent manoeuvrability in trailers and other confined working areas. The tough, torsion resistant construction enables the Linde M 25 to safely handle above average loads of up to 2500 kg for added versatility.

At Linde, safety receives the closest attention in material handling trucks of every size. The wide handle of the Linde control tiller provides the operator with the necessary sense of safety, effectively protecting the hands throughout every maneuver, while the low-slung chassis prevents risk of foot injury.

Air- and dust-tight enclosure of the hydraulic circuit ensures trouble free operation over long periods of time, no matter how harsh conditions may be on site. With the fast-lift feature, loads weighing up to 200 kg can be lifted to maximum height in half the time. The M 25 is a hand pallet truck for peak performance.

The Linde M 25 hand pallet truck lives up to its purpose of a high-convenience all-around helper. Functional design devoid of all sharp corners and edges plus a large steering pivot angle of 105° to either side make it exceptionally manageable and manoeuvrable inside a trailer or in other tight spaces.

Torsion-resistant construction of the strong chassis permits safe handling of loads up to 2500 kg, raising capacity 25% above that of the customary standard 2000 kg truck. Long life is a built-in feature of the sturdy hydraulic lift unit housing, made as single-piece casting. The hard-wearing powder coat finish provides excellent protection from corrosion.

Effective and cost-efficient at work. Steer and load wheels are of very high quality, quiet running and low in rolling resistance. Bush bearings are fitted on all joints, making it an exceptionally low-maintenance hand pallet truck.

M 25 Scale + – Hand Pallet Truck with scale – Capacity 2500 kg (Series 033)

Classical HPT which is able to weigh its load with a division of 0,5kg. Printer & SD card are available as options. Very useful for logistics/ delivery companies. Also available in fully stainless steel (Aisi 304), which is very useful for dairies/ chemical/ pharmaceutical companies.

The M25 Scale+ is definitely more than a classical Hand Pallet Truck. Indeed, for a safer application, an intelligent weighing system is included in the truck, thus enables the operator to check the pallet weight.

With the M25 Scale+, you can lift up to 2500 kg easily in few seconds thanks to the wide handle of the Linde control tiller. No matters of the working area or the types of good that are carried in order to get the correct weight. The truck can evoluate from -10°C to +40°C.

Equipped with two rubber drive wheels in standard, the M25 Scale+ has a smooth and a nice driveability. Moreover, thanks to a 0,5 kg division while weighing, it becomes easy to check at a glance the pallet weight. An SD card and a printer are also available as options. An indicator shows the battery level on the display.

In addition to the M25 Scale+ pallet handling function, the big benefit comes with its intelligent weighing system. Indeed, the weight accuracy of 0,05 % is the reliable feature of this truck. The endurance of the weighing system of 50 h allows to recharge the device only once or twice a month.

The M25 Scale+ is the helpful tool for handling pallets and measure their weight in a fast and simple way. Furthermore, it can be useful for some delivery companies in order to check as close as possible, the real weight and the declared one.

M 10 X/XE – Hand Pallet Truck with scissor lift – Capacity 1000 kg (Series 033)

The Scissor lift HPT offers a perfect workbench due to its ability to carry until 1000kg at 800mm height. Very useful while working on production line on preparing some orders. All efforts of bending its back while taking parts, goods or raw materials from the ground are cancelled. This truck is also available with an electrical version, thus cancelling lifting efforts.

The M10 X / M10 XE is the most suitable product in order to work ergonomically in all safety. The operator can both lift and lower by a single lever, which makes it easy to handle. Furthermore, the lifting column is so thin than the operator can have a perfect view on its forks.

Used as a support on production lines, or even for picking at height, the M10 X / M10 XE is designed for bringing more performance to operators. Indeed, after having reached the maximum height which is 800 mm, it is not necessary anymore to bend its back, and losing time.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, and its ability to hide its scissor lift under the forks, the M10 X / M10 XE can move easily in narrow areas or being parked while taking a minimum of space.

After 400 mm lifted from the ground, rear stabilizers are being actionned. Therefore, the stability of the truck is safe and it becomes more convenient for working with forks at operator’s working height.

Thanks to a fast lifting at an optimum height (800 mm), the M10 X / M10 XE makes the operator saving a lot of time, and having better working conditions, thus, avoiding to bend its back.

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