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Safety first – the new Linde BlueSpot™ family

The BlueSpot™ is an innovative optical driving path warning system for industrial trucks, which ensures greater safety in aisles and especially in confusing crossing areas.

The BlueSpot™ consists of two very bright LED lights, which are attached to the top of the driver’s protective roof frame and project a large blue spot onto the floor. This warns pedestrians and forklift drivers of approaching forklift trucks.

The advantages:

  • Early warning of an approaching industrial truck due to a preceding blue spot
  • LED technology for high brightness with low power consumption
  • Not sensitive to shaking or vibration
  • Long service life of the light and the diffusion disc due to very low operating temperature
  • Very positive reception from drivers and employees in comparison with acoustic warning systems

There are now two new options as an upgrade kit to ensure optimum adjustment to the relevant usage conditions: Read More »

750,000 Linde trucks built


Linde Material Handling celebrates a milestone at its main plant in Aschaffenburg, Germany

In 1959, the first forklift truck built by Linde Material Handling (MH) in Aschaffenburg left the production hall. 55 years later—on 29 August 2014—Europe’s leading truck manufacturer celebrated a special anniversary at its main plant: Staff on the production line assembled the 750,000th truck — an electric counterbalance truck with a load capacity of five tonnes. The future owner of the truck is the BMW Group, which will use the Linde E50—equipped with cab, heating system, BlueSpot and 2.30-metre-long fork arms—for loading and unloading lorries in its components plant in Wackersdorf, Upper Palatinate.

The first model built in Aschaffenburg and brought to market was the Hubtrac — the forbear of all Linde trucks. To begin with, the number of this truck model produced was rather modest, amounting to a few hundred trucks in the first few years — of which about one fifth were already being sold outside of Germany. But demand increased year after year: The truck models—driven by a diesel engine and featuring a load capacity of 2–2.5 tonnes—became extremely popular due to their precise, efficient hydrostatic gearbox, the dual-pedal controls and the central control levers. Read More »

Linde Safety Pilot: A technical breakthrough in safety


Mistakes will always happen from time to time, wherever people may work. When it comes to operating fork lift trucks, human error is the most common cause of accidents at work. Lack of knowledge or poor concentration on the part of drivers cause operating errors, resulting in trucks tipping over and causing very serious injuries, damage to loading equipment and operating equipment, and last but not least, massive disruptions to the logistics workflow. A unique electronic driver assistance system from Linde Material Handling (MH), the Linde Safety Pilot, is now on hand to offer support with these issues. The Linde Safety Pilot system is due to be introduced at the “World of Material Handling” customer event at the Mainz Exhibition Centre in May. Via a display on the driver’s workstation, the Linde Safety Pilot helps the forklift truck driver to operate the work equipment safely and helps to avoid dangerous situations, minimising the risk of an accident and improving occupational safety. Read More »


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Innovative Gas Warning System

Linde trucks with innovative gas warning system for explosion protection zone 2
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