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Drum tipper for the explosion-protection area

Proplan scores points with customer-specific solutions

The demand for customer-specific solutions is increasing. This trend also applies to industrial trucks with explosion protection, confirmed Managing Director of Proplan Transport- und Lagersysteme GmbH (Proplan), a subsidiary of Linde Material Handling (MH), at a press event in Aschaffenburg at the beginning of November. He cited the “drum tipper” as an example — a truck that has been developed with two different models for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and which can be used to grip and tip open or closed drums weighing up to 300 kg.

The basis for both special solutions for explosion-protection areas was a Linde high-lift truck with a shortened wheel base. The truck can be combined with a variety of attachments to allow it to grip and tip drums. In such cases, the truck and attachment are supplied as a coordinated unit. Read More »

Forklift Attachments

Crane & Overhead Lifting

• Safety Cages for Cranes
• Brick Transport Cages
• Concrete Kibbles – Stand up to 1.0cu.m.
• Concrete Kibbles – Laydown 1.5 to 3.0cu.m.
• Grout Kibbles
• Concrete Collection Tray
• Pallet Hooks for Overhead Lifting
• Drum Handling Equipment – Crane
• Spreader Beams
• Bulk Bag Handling & Moving

Non Hydraulic Forklift Attachments

• Safety Cages for Forklifts
• Jib Attachments for Forklifts
• Extension Slippers for Forklift Tines
• Container Access Ramps for Forklifts
• Fork Spreaders for Large Loads
• Drum Handling – Non Hydraulic
• Dirt Buckets – Non Hydraulic
• Wheelie Bin Emptier for Forklifts
• Roller Forks
• Roll Prongs for Carpet & Rolls
• Fork Arms & Carriage Bars
• Tarp Spreader for Truck Tarps

Racking Systems

• Storage Racks

Drum Storage Systems

• Spill Bins for Drum Storage
• Drum Racks

Forward Bulk Bin Tippers

• Forklift Bulk Bin Tippers
• Floor Mounted Bulk Bin Tippers

Waste & Storage Bins

• Forklift Waste & Storage Tipping Bins
• Crane Waste & Storage Bins
• Drop Bottom Bins
• Hopper Bins

Quick hitch, Telehandler & Skid Steer Attachments

• Quick hitch Jibs
• Quick hitch Cages
• Skid Steer Attachments
• Quick hitch Floating Carriages
• Universal Fork Carriage
• Other Quick hitch Attachments

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Forklift Attachments