Joss Total Warehouse Solutions Company Profile

Joss Total Warehouse Solutions is a division of Joss Group Pty Ltd. The company was first established by Colin and Lorraine Joss in 1975, based in Albury, New South Wales. Historically the company primarily specialized in construction management and building of commercial and industrial projects.

Joss Total Warehouse Solutions (JTWS) specialise in providing warehouse solutions in all aspects of the industry. The business is staffed by professionals that have had many years of experience in the warehousing and distribution industry. A multi service business has been developed that includes the provision of 3rd party warehousing and distribution, nationally accredited warehouse training and materials handling equipment.

Warehousing is a 3rd party warehouse and distribution business that offers insulated wine storage, general freight storage (both short and long term) as well as pick and pack services. The warehouse utilises the latest in warehouse management systems giving our clients full traceability and inventory control. Warehousing is the core of the businesses; it acts as a training centre, enables JTWS to showcase our skills and keeps the business at the forefront of the industry.

Nationally accredited training is a joint venture between Paperless Warehouse Management Systems and Joss Total Warehouse Solutions. The training offered includes an introduction and refresher course, Certificate II Warehouse Operations, Certificate III Warehouse Operations. These courses will be offered via the joint venture to current users of the Paperless Warehouse Management System. Another aspect of the training offered is forklift and order Picker licencing and forklift refresher (competency based assessments) courses.

Materials handling equipment enables JTWS to offer Linde forklift equipment and materials handling solutions for the warehousing industry. Materials handling enables JTWS to provide add on services to any forklift user in the form of training, warehouse management systems, storage and warehousing.

Joss Total Warehouse Solutions Company Profile